July 1, 2016 Louisiana Youth Newsletter

Dear Billy E,
Louisiana Junior Team Tennis State Championships 2016

Jordana Klein, who has been serving as the LTA Junior Tennis Director, has resigned this position and is returning to her home state of Georgia to pursue a career in writing/communications. Also, she plans to stay actively involved with the tennis world in Georgia.
We wish Jordana the best in her new endeavors.

Rob Worley-LTA President

NEW ORLEANS – After nearly a quarter-century absence, junior tennis makes a return to the umbrella of events sponsored by the Allstate Sugar Bowl this fall.
The Allstate Sugar Bowl Tennis Classic will be held Nov. 12-14 at the City Park Pepsi Tennis Center.

In its previous iterations, the Sugar Bowl event has attracted the likes of Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova.

This year’s event should produce a high quality field as well, Louisiana Tennis Association president Rob Worley said. Only the top 56 players in the United States Tennis Association’s Southern Section will be allowed to enter in each of the eight divisions (boys and girls, ages 12, 14, 16 and 18), and from there, the top players will be selected to the field.

Each of the eight singles brackets will feature a 32-player draw with a consolation bracket. Doubles will also be contested in each age group.

The Sugar Bowl, which sponsors more than 50 amateur events in Louisiana annually, hosted junior tennis events in this format from 1948-93, usually in the week between Christmas and New Year’s. It hosted an International Tennis Federation event limited to 18-year-olds from 1994-2001.

Worley said the Southern Section is the largest of the 17 sections of the USTA, spanning nine states, and the event will attract as many as 1,000 players, family members and coaches coming to the Crescent City.

Source: Press Release

July Junior Louisiana Tournaments

Bocage Jr. Open State Championship (STA-L4)
July 8-11, 2016
Tournament # 703712416
Director: Ed Gaskell, Referee: Linda Loveless-Forrest

Stonecreek One Day 10/12 & Under
July 16, 2016
Tournament # 700087116
Director: Brody McCoy

Crescent City One-Day Championship (LTA-L5)
July 20, 2016 –Joe Brown Tennis Center
Tournament # 700095316
Director:  Anna Monhartova  Referee: Kenny Waguespack

Oakbourne Jr. Classic (STA/LTA-L5)
July 22-24
Tournament # 700025316
Director: Janusz Conradi  Referee: Larry Gilmore
Houma Jr. Grand Prix (RANKED STA/LTA-L5)
July 23-24, 2016  Renaissance Family Fitness

Tournament # 700069116
Director:  Umang Chadda  Referee: Jeff Lind
Louisiana State Claycourt Jr Open Championships- STA/LTA-L4

July 30–August 3, 2016  NOLTC
Tournament # 703718916

Director: Jason Hazley   Referee: Rocky Andry   

2016 Southern Junior Closed Tournament Results

June 10-13

Southern Closed BG 10″s West  Baton Rouge, LA

Tournament ID 700009116
Director: Ronnie Walters  Referee: Larry Gilmore

A total of 60 players participated in this event; 26 youth from Louisiana, including:
Kaelyn & Kyleigh Atkins, Noah Beamon & Ryann Beamon, Reece Beckendorf, Virginia Crocker, Natalie Devraj, Zoe Dupaty, Riley Fitzmorris, Nicholas Franklin, Jordan Green, Lily Higgins, Jackson Hinderberger, Myanh Holmes, Teah Johnson,
Avery Lewis, Marry Ella Longmire, Myles McCormick, Raleigh Morris, Jeff Nguyen, Addison Presser, Ben Reinauer, Steven Rice, Charles Valliulis, Macy Vincent , Kevin Zhang.

Sportsmanship Winners 
Ryann Beamon (LA) & Kevin Zhang (LA)
Boys & Girls Champions
Lylte Moore (MS) & Emmory Simmons (AR)

June 11-18
Southern Closed BG 12’s Cary, NC
Tournament ID 703954616
Director:  Reid Kinlaw  Referee:  Diane Spangler

A total of 282 players participated in singles/doubles; 18 youth from Louisiana, including:  Caroline Arnold, Ben Chandler, Nathan Cox, Ashton Ellis, Nathan Forbes, Charles Fremaux, Lauren Graham, Emma Grant, Anne Scott Guglielmo, Sanjeev Gushaney, Jack Ivey, Aiden Lee, Sophia Manuel, Jace Moody, Micah Pierce, Caroline Pousson, Brooke Powers, Carson Presser.

Boys & Girls Champions
Singles:  Tejas Wall (NC) Whitley Pate (SC)
Doubles: Victor Lilov (NC)/James Rico (NC)
Whitley Pate (SC)/Saige Severance (SC)

June 11-18

The John Drew Smith Tennis Center is a 24 hard-court lighted complex that has hosted numerous tennis tournaments from City championships to professional tour events. The facility is noted as one of the top 25 public municipal facilities in the nation by Tennis magazine and the United States Tennis Association. The Center offers everything for the tennis enthusiast from lessons to novice tournaments to USTA rated leagues. There is a nominal charge to use the courts. A professional staff is there waiting to help you.

Southern BG 14’s Macon, GA
Tournament ID (S) 703410816 {D) 703503616
Director:  Donna Bailey Referee: Cheryl Helton

A total of 369 players participating at four different tennis facilities in singles/doubles; including 27 from Louisiana:  Dakota Bobo, Niki Bountovininas, Madison Cefalu, Alyse Cormier, Celia HarMary Dabadie, Page Duncan, Brooks Giardina, Tripp Guglielmo, Mary Cecile Hancock, Celia Hardin, Nadia Hitzman, Keith Benjamin, Emma Koche, Grant Landreth, Aldan Mahoney, Caroline Marcus, Madison Morris, Tiffany Nash, Andrew Otizenberger, Matthew Rowe, Gavriella Smith, Edmond Stiaib, Griffin Vallulis, Carly Vincent, Davis Weston, Bailey Whitley, Stafford Yerger.

Boys & Girls Champions
Singles:  JJ Tracy (SC) d. Benjamin Koch (Abbeville LA)
Doubles: Benjamin Koch (LA)/Zacharia Jordan (GA)
Kathy Andrein (NC)/Sonia Nabesgwari (NC)

June 11-18

Southern Closed BG 16’s
Tournament ID (S) 700014516 (D) 700113616
Director:  John Meinche  Referee: Chip Steams
Little Rock, AR

A total of 318 participated in singles/doubles,  26 youth from Louisiana including:  Henry Atkins, Alexander Aucoin, Griffin Babineaux, Sophie Boatright,Elise Bourgue, Maygan Brewer, Ashleigh Burgess, Raymond Chassargnac, Carter Crutti, Jimmie David, Jordan Edney, Andre Edwards, Whitney Hamilton, Anna Harvey, Welsh Hotard, Lily LaBiche, Colin Lucius, Isha Mbaye, Bowen Mince, Kameron Myers, Kaleb Ramos, Joseph Sandoz, Zachary Smith, Nelson Stafford, Daniel Trudell

Boys & Girls Champions
Singles:  Tyler Stice (SC) & Katherine Lyman (SC)
Doubles:  Brant Fenno (SC)/ Jack Kelly (SC)
Anna Marie Adams (GA)/Angel Carney (GA)

June 11-18

We Aim To Serve:  Mission Statement
“To ensure that the thousands of individuals and families that visit and play at our tennis centers during large tournaments, leagues, clinics, and lessons have the safest, most enjoyable visit possible by providing excellent management and customer service”

Southern Closed BG 18’s
Tournament ID (S) 700005816  (D) 700005916
Director:  Lorraine Novak Referee: Richard Weaver
Mobile, AL

A total of 257 participated in singles/doubles, 17 youth from Louisiana including:
Blair Boatright, Alison Burgess, Benjamin Chanes, Silvio Cocito-Monoc, Maggie Forshag, Taylor Garcia, Emily Ory, Taevor Ramagos, Jillian Sandoz, Chase Schupp, Kent Shiell, Jack Steib, Mitchell Thomas, Nicholas Watson, Cotter Wilson, Matthew Yanuck

Boys & Girls Champions
Singles:  Beau Pelletier (SC) & Tatum Rice (AR)
Doubles:  Britton Johnston (GA)/ Jared Pratt (SC)
Madeline Meredith (AL)/ Tatum Rice (AR)

A regular feature of the Louisiana Youth Newsletter is to “feature”  Louisiana young players, youth coaches/leaders in our state.  This month Cotter Wilson of Shreveport joins Zachary & Gavriella Smith, Caroline Brinson, Dominik Koepfer, Coach David “Red “Ayme. Coach Lloyd Dillon, Sr.


Interview with Cotter Wilson  
BC. How old were you when you began playing tennis?
CW. I started playing tennis when I was 6 years old.
Q. You are the son of a tennis-playing and coaching family, Will you please tell us how this has influenced your life?
  1. Without my parents, I would probably not be playing tennis at all. My dad was a farmer in Natchitoches, LA before we moved to Shreveport. He had been interested in getting back into tennis and he knew some people at the club where he is now the director, Pierremont Oaks Tennis Club. He was offered a job as an assistant pro, so our family moved to Shreveport in 2005. Soon after, I started playing tennis there, and I was hooked. From that point on, I never played another sport.

Q. What was your first competitive tournament?
  1. My first competitive tournament was in Shreveport in 2006. It was not long after I started playing; I was around six and a half at the time. I specifically remember my mom defaulting me from my first-ever match for my on-court behavior. Haha!
Q.  What are some of your most notable “highlights” in Junior Tennis?
  1. Some of my most notable highlights in the last few years include being top 10 in the south for the past couple of years. Now being in my first year of 18s, I am around 8 or 9 and I was as high as 6 in my second year of 16s. In 16s, I also got to top 30 in the country and reached the quarterfinals of doubles at National Hardcourts in Kalamazoo, MI last year. In addition, I played line 1 on the Southern Intersectional Team last summer. This is a great memory for me because it is held at my home club Pierremont Oaks, and I had always dreamed of playing it since I’d seen so many guys come through since I was a little kid. From age 7, we always housed the southern boys so I always looked up to them and wanted to be as good as them. To be able to play was an amazing experience for me.

Q.  What are some of your most memorable experiences in Junior Tennis? Please include the successful as well as those that inspired you to become more skilled?
  1. As I mentioned before, the National Intersectional Sixteens Team Tournament was always a big part of my motivation since I started playing. Since it is at our home club, we would always house the southern boys and I looked up to them a lot. It’s the only tournament in the country that still houses players, and to be able to house for so many years up until last year when I was staying at my own house with my teammates playing was a great feeling. This tournament was specifically what motivated me for so many years growing up because I knew my goal was to play it one day. The atmosphere last year when I played was electric and I don’t think I had ever played in front of so many people. Everyone at the club has known me since I was six years old, and they knew what it meant to me to play the tournament. Since playing there, my motivation is now looking toward division 1 college tennis because I love the team environment, and I really feel like I thrive in it. I want to continue to improve as much as I can so I can have a lot of options for choosing a college.

Q. What racquet do you use? Strings? Tension?
  1. I play with Yonex rackets. It is not such a popular brand in the U.S. but they have been around for a while and do a great job taking care of the sponsored junior players. I play with Solinco string at 50 pounds. I’ve recently dropped my tension about 4 pounds because a lot of pros are playing with it looser nowadays, so I wanted to give it a try.
Q.  What advice would you give to young Louisiana tennis players who aspire to play competitive Junior Tennis?
  1. I would just say to continue working hard and to not focus on your results. Find something that drives you and will give you passion to keep playing, whether it be a tournament you want to be able to play in or a college you hope to go to.
Q. Do you plan to continuing playing tennis in college?
  1. I definitely am planning to play in college.

Bayou Bluff MS L3, STA L4
Tournament # 700052316
Total Competitors 190–48 Louisiana Youth

Singles Champs
   Boys’ 18s   Zac Smith   New Orleans
Girls’  18s   Gav Smith  New Orleans
Boys’  16s  James Torbert  Montgomery AL
Girls’  16s  Brooke Nguyen  Harvey, LA
Boys’  14s  Justin Bresler  New Orleans
Girls’  14s  Libbbie Hamilton  Mobile, AL
Boys’  12s  Ryland Buford  Gulfport, AL
Girls’   12s  Leah Medine  Baton Rouge
Boys   11s  Ryan Roth  Pascagoula, MS
Girls    11s  Parker St. Amant, Ocean Springs MS

Doubles Champs

Boys’ 18s Trey Hardin-Kenner/Zac Smith New Orleans
Girls’  18s Alyse Cormier-Eunice/Gav Smith New Orleans
Boys’  16s Philip Bosman-Auburn,AL/James Torbert-Montgomery
Girls’  16s Tiana Dixon-Ocean Springs/Caroline Hudson-Ocean Springs
Boys’  14s Jordan Bruck-Marietta LA/ Caleb Rawson-Madison MS
Girls’   14s Anna Hudson-Ocean Springs/Sidney St. Amant Ocean Springs
Boys’  12s Isaiah & Daniel Porea New Orleans
Girls’   12s Leah & Halle Medine-Baton Rouge


Source: LTA Website
Don’t miss these camps–Cheers,

You will see an improvement in your game!!
University of New Orleans
Former Top 25 ATP Singles Player, Ronald Agenor, as guest Coach

***International players from Argentina, # 1 ranked junior from South Africa in the Boys 12’s, 8 top ranked Egyptian players and top Southern players!!
Revised Nike


Abrie du Plooy Tennis Academy    www.futuretennis.com

Part-Time Tennis Instructor Position

A’s & Aces is  interested to receive letters of interest and resumes from tennis instructors with a passion for teaching and sincere interest in helping under-served children. Minimum player level of NTRP 3.0.  (Preference given to applicants who are USPTA or PTR certified, or have a strong desire to earn those credentials.) Mature college students with work experience are welcomed to apply.  Positions include working in-school and/or after-school and/or Saturday clinics through the 2016-17 school year (beginning mid-August).  Compensation based on qualifications.  Please submit a cover letter and resume to
Administration@ AsAndAces.org
Deadline to apply: July 11 (Monday)
A’s & Aces Is Selected to Add a USTA
Excellence Team

A’s & Aces now has an official USTA “Excellence Team” – only one of 11 in the country among the hundreds of National Junior Tennis & Learning chapters nationwide. Excellence Teams are eligible for unique opportunities by the USTA Foundation and USTA Player Development.

NJTL Excellence Teams are designed by the USTA to ensure that top coaching and additional resources are available to those student-athletes with the most desire, athletic potential and financial need, and who aspire to learn the importance of hard work, grit and graciousness.

The first exciting opportunity will be for six of our 9 and 10 yr old players: 3 girls and 3 boys will travel to College Park, Maryland, to represent A’s & Aces and compete in the USTA 10s Excellence Teams Cup, July 21-24.

Excellence Team status does not just provide more opportunities for our high-performance players; A’s & Aces coaches will also benefit from professional development.  For instance, in August Coach Alan Green will travel to the US Open to participate in the 2nd Annual Team USA Coaches Symposium, scheduled during the qualifying event of the US Open.  Coach Green will  interact with other national coaches while at the world’s biggest tournament stage.

In December, a few of our top 12U-14U Excellence Team players could be invited to the USTA Foundation Jr. Orange Bowl Workout in Pembroke Pines, FL.

Feature Friday

Juniors: Do you have a great match or tournament that you can’t stop thinking about, and a part of you wants to brag, just a little? We want to help! Send us your story!
Send story to:  fanjoy@sta.usta.com
How important are Accessible Public
Tennis Facilities?

Over the last few years I have been asked by innumerable local tennis fans this one question, ” why is it that New Orleans does not host more USTA Adult State Tournaments?”  I did not know the answer. As a result, I have been speaking with a number of  our local tennis leaders–trying to get answers from the most knowledgeable persons in our tennis community.

The most common answer is, ” a lack of usable tennis facilities.”
According to the LTA website, there are 12 Community Tennis
Associations that can “bid” on a USTA State Adult Tournament held each year. (14 this year.) They are:
Ascension, Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Jonesville, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Manderville/Covington, Monroe, New Orleans(NOMATA), Shreveport/Bossier, Slidell and Vidalia.)

The bid process can be quite competitive. Not only the available courts to host a multible day tournament, but finances can come into play. For example, the hosting CTA receives an allotted amount for each registered participant. If one CTA can get reduced rates or free rates for court time, this is a huge advantage and allows the hosting CTA a chance to possible make a profit, which was the original idea behind having these tournaments. When hundreds of players arrive in the host city, the local businesses benefit, as well as the city via the sales tax.
A win-win.

The “Good News” is the New Orleans CTA, NOMATA, won the 2015 &16 Mixed 40 & League Championship (bids are for two years). Scheduled for September 9-12; to be held at the City Park Pepsi Tennis Center.

As a tennis community, let each of us in our own way, fully support this tournament.

Dave says, “Please recycle your tennis balls and cans.”

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