Jason Hazley Tennis Pro’s Tips

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-3-33-39-pmEarly Decision
The approach shot is a challenging stroke to perfect at any level. While there are numerous variables of the oncoming ball to consider when electing to attack the net; the biggest key on most approach shots is to choose to move into the court before striking the ball. By moving in to the net with the forward swing, the player will be well-positioned inside the service line for her first volley. If the player had waited until she hit the ball to decide to go forward, she would have been unable to progress up to the service line for her next shot and been forced into an awkward play from “No Man’s Land.” This would have inhibited her ability to play offense from inside the service box or a solid groundstroke from behind the baseline. In the end, an early decision on the approach shot will lend itself well for a winning offense play.
The Constant Competitor

The great game of tennis is enjoyed and played by many. One of the finer aspects of the game is the 1- on-1 competition that is found in few other sports. Those who like the challenge of ascending the ratings ladder must be aware of why they are successful. If a 4.0 player in her 40’s is a roadrunner and wins by outlasting her opponents, she needs to plan ahead as she ages because her current style of play relies on her endurance and will be difficult to execute in the future. Most sexagenarians will not be victorious versus a much younger opponent of like ability in a 2 out of 3 set match if the majority of points are long. Getting ahead of the curve while she is 40 and working on her offensive skills in the present will ensure enduring success into the future.
Everyone who plays tennis should take the journey that is right for them. Each player’s path to
happiness is as unique as their fingerprint. However, if upper-level competition is the driving force
behind a player’s enjoyment, she must develop a game which supports her passion.

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