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Jason Hazley Tennis Pro's Tips

Jason Hazley Tennis Pro’s Tips

Early Decision The approach shot is a challenging stroke to perfect at any level. While there are numerous variables of the oncoming ball to consider when electing to attack the net; the biggest key on most approach shots is to choose to move into the court before striking the ball. By moving in to the net with the forward swing,… Read more →

CITY PARK TENNIS CLUB –Amended & Restated Bylaws- May 2015

CITY PARK TENNIS CLUB AMENDED & RESTATED BYLAWS ● MAY 2015   The City Park Tennis Club (the “CPTC”) is a non-profit corporation, as defined in Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code. The CPTC was formed in New Orleans, Louisiana during 1928 and was incorporated in Louisiana on December 12, 1958. The current Bylaws were adopted in March of… Read more →

November 2016 Louisiana Youth Tennis Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter for Louisiana Youth  Youth:  our future…and our present!   Eleventh Edition November 2016 Dear Billy E,  CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW LEADERS Louisiana Tennis Association Board 2017-18 President: Robert Daigle Executive VP: Bruce Kingsdorf VP: Jay Boyd VP: Chris Dazet Secretary: Richman Reinauer Treasurer: Emily Becker Regional Reps: Region 1: Lana Whitlow Region II: Jennifer Edmonson Region III: Ashley… Read more →