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Steve Carter

Steve Carter

Q.  How old were you when you started playing tennis?

A.  Eight grade.  My father worked for EXXON in Baton Rouge.  He received the first PH.D given at LSU, which was in chemical engineering.  He was transferred to Caracas, Venezuela.  Tennis was the only sport available to me there.  An EXXON employee introduced my brother Richard and I to tennis, playing on a dirt court.

Q.  When did you return to Baton Rouge?

A.  The next year my father was transferred back home, and I enrolled in University High, were I participated on all sports, receiving six sport’s letters.  I played on the high school tennis team, and competed in summer tournaments, often in doubles with my brother Richard. (Richard later played college tennis at Tulane.)
Coach Dub Robinson recruited me to play at LSU, as a member of the freshman team and three years on the varsity.

Q.  After graduating, what was your career?

A. I Joined the Air Force, serving from 1966-71.  While stationed at Moody and Randolph, I played on the Air Force tennis team, competing against other branches of the military for the Commander’s Cup. Notable players on our team were Jim Parker and Brian Cheney.

Q.  You received your honorable discharge in 1971.  What occurred next?

A.  I returned to LSU and became an assistant athletic director.  The next year Coach Robinson retired, and I was hired as the head  men’s tennis coach.   The highlight of my coaching career was the 1974-75 year, when we won the SEC championship.(the first in 43 years.)

Q.  Many tennis supporters know you because of the Steve Carter Tennis Camps.  Why and when did the camps begin?

A.  Since 1978 I have been Director of the camp.  I enjoy working with kids, not only teaching tennis skills, but by placing emphasis on a good work ethic, character development, and social relationships–which will be helpful to them their entire lives.

Q.  Have any of your former students become tennis instructors?

A.  One student I am very proud of is David “Red” Aymee from La Place.  After finishing school he became a tennis instructor at the Bolletieri Academy in
Bradenton Florida.  He has been a traveling coach with Boris Becker and Tommy Haas, among others.

Q.  What year were you inducted into the Louisiana Tennis Hall of Fame?

A.  In 2006

Q.  Are you involved with the USTA?

A.  Yes, over the years in many different roles.  A program that I was especially proud of was the Baton Rouge Community Tennis Association sponsoring an after-school program in elementary school—teaching and promoting the game of tennis to inner city school students.

Q.  What is your present position?

A.  I was elected to the Louisiana State Legislature’s House of Representatives in 2007, representing the citizens of the 68th District.

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