Philip Gattuso



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Philip Gattuso

Philip Gattuso

Billy:  When did you join the City Park Tennis club?

Philip:  Approximately 8 or 9 months ago

Q:  When you joined the club, how did you get the membership information?

A:  A friend, Bob Besse, called and asked if I wanted to play with him and some friends.

Q:  What is your impression of the new City Park Tennis Center?

A:  Outstanding

Q:   Do you have a regular group of guys you play matches with?  If so, what are their names and when do you play?

A:  Yes, Ed Richeson, Bob Besse, Billy Crawford every Friday morning.  I still work and therefore play on other days on the west-bank where I live .  When  I retire, or maybe before if time permits, I plan on playing more at the new tennis center on rubico courts.

Q:  How old were you when you started playing tennis?  Who got you started?

A:  I was around 40 years old.  A cousin of mine who played tennis took a year out of his time to teach me once a week, and I began to play with others at a recreation center on my own at other times.

Q:  What is your educational background?

A   Graduated from Loyola Law School

Q:  What is your profession?

A:  Attorney

Q:  Where do you reside?

A:  Gretna, LA

Q:  What is your favorite singer/musical group?

A:  I have many:  Frank Sinatra, Jerry Vale, Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, The Beatles, Pavarotti, Bocellic, and many, many others.

Q:  What other hobbies/interests do you have other than tennis?

A:  Basketball, football, baseball, reading, traveling in the USA, attending plays , listening to music

Q:  When family/guests are in town, which restaurants do you take them out to eat?

A:  Galatoires, Vince’s , Impastato’s,  Magazine restaurants, Gattuso’s Deli and restaurant and many more

Q.  What are your favorite books?

A; The Bible.  I also enjoy self-help and inspirational books such as those by Wayne  Dyer, OG Mandino, Leo Buscaglia;  recordings by people such as Norman Vincent Peale, Earl Nightingale and good books about various topics , especially historical events and incidents, such as Kennedy assassination and World War II, etc.

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