Irving Goldstein



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Irving Goldstein

Irving Goldstein

Q: I understand you may be the “youngest” member of the club; how young are you?

A: 90 years young

Q: How long have you been a member of the CPTC?

A: 18 years

Q: What is your impression of the new City Park/Pepsi Tennis Center?

A: As beautiful as Miami Beach

Q: Do you have a regular group you play doubles with?

A: Yes, we play at 8:00 am.  Monday with Al Reagle, Roy Bush, Ed Richeson
Tuesday with Al, Roy, and Bruce Braham
Friday with Al, Roy and Allen Brock
Sunday with David Varisco, Anthony Viloria, and Guiseppe Defino

Q: What is your all-time favorite movie?

A: My Fair Lady

Q: How long have you been a tennis player?

A: When I was 16yrs old, Freddie, Blinkey, Warren and I would ride our bikes from Gretna to Algiers near the river to play on a tennis court made of tar.

Q: What is your wife’s name?

A: Joyce B. Goldstein

Q: Your place of worship?

A: Temple Sinai

Q: What is your favorite restaurant?

A: Andrea’s Northern Italian

Q: What professions have you had?

A: I started working at an early age in my Father’s General Department Store.  After graduating from Fortier High School in 1938 and Loyola University in1942, I became the band director at Behrman High School on the West Bank.  I could really toot a trumpet! Later, with World War II raging, I enlisted in the Air Force. After a year in the 99th Air Force Band, I decided to be a hero and become a fighter pilot to receive an officer’s commission.  With less than one month of flight school left, the government gave me the option of completing the training and going to Korea to fight the North Koreans for at least a year, or to receive an Honorable Discharge. I chose to come home and if I had not, it’s possible I may not have been alive today to give you this interview.  After my military service was completed I opened a retail store, which I called Dance-Ranch. I retired in 1987.

NOTE: While in my basic fighter training class in Florida, a West Point cadet was also in the class who was the son of Jimmy Doolittle, the pilot that delivered the atom bombs to end World War II! He seemed to be a very cocky individual always smoking a pipe like MacArthur!

Q: You are so healthy and fit, what is your secret?

A: No fried foods, very little red meat, and an occasional “Harvey Wallbanger.”

Q: How would you describe your feelings as a member of this club?

A: Extreme pleasure with great friends, all of which I attribute to my well-being, both physically and mentally.

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