George Baker



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George Baker

George Baker

Q.  Billy:  How many years have you been a member of the CPTC?

A.  George:  5 years

Q.  Do you play singles, doubles, or both?

A.  Both singles and doubles

Q.  Do you have regular guys you play tennis with?  What days/times?

A.  Yes.  Charles Perkins on Monday and Wednesday morning.  Also with Hersey Pitt, Palmer Mtumishi St. Julien any day Monday through Friday.

Q.  When you joined the club, how did you receive the membership information?

A.  I received an application from the office.

Q.  I understand you are a certified tennis official.  What was the procedure you completed in order to achieve this status?

A.  USTA Official tests, workshops, and security evaluation.

Q.  What tennis matches have you officiated?

A.  Tulane, Xavier, UNO, SU-BR, USTA sanctioned tournaments

Q.  What is your educational background? Profession?

A.  MS in Engineering.  Corporate Engineer, University faculty.

Q.  Do you watch the Tennis Channel?

A.  Yes

Q.  What is your impression of the new City Park Pepsi Tennis Center?

A.  Excellent layout of courts and facilities.  Clubhouse design could have been better, with larger dressing rooms and shower area.

Q.    What is your all-time favorite professional tennis player?  Male?  Female?

A.  Roger Federer and Serena Williams

Q.  Have you participated in CPTC sponsored tournament events?

A.  Yes, many!

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