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Ed Richeson

Ed Richeson

Billy Q.  How long have you been a member to the City Park Tennis Club?

Ed A.  Not sure, probably in the mid 1980’s; but had a hiatus from1999 to 2005.

Q.  When you joined the club, how did you get the membership information?

A. The club was still exclusive, and there was a waiting list.  Everyone knew “The Club.”

Q.  What is your impression of the new City Park/ Pepsi Tennis Center?

A.  From the ridiculous to the sublime

Q.  What brand was your first tennis racquet?

A. Borrowed a Wright Ditson; then bought a Wilson Jack Kramer

Q.  When did you begin playing tennis?  Was there a person and/or event that inspired you to become a tennis enthusiast?

A. Mid 1970 at City Park hard courts.  “CPTC TOO ADVANCED FOR ME.”  We had a group that included several later CPTC members. Jack Winters is one still active in CPTC. The individual was Hunter Mcfadden  who provided that racquet and played in our group for many years.

Q.  Have you ever held an elected office in the CPTC?  If so, what position and when?  Are there any events that occurred during this period of time you would like to share with the readers?

A.  Thanks to support of Buddy Broussard, and the late Charles Turner, I served on the board and in 1993/94 was President; assisted greatly by  Stanley Gibbs– who is still active in club.

Q. What is your educational background?

A. Local schools– New Orleans Academy and Tulane

Q.  What is/was your profession?

A. Ocean Freight Forwarder – now called Ocean Transport Intermediary on Federal Lic.

Q. When family/friends come into town, where do you take them out to eat?

A.  West Bank spots like Sun Ray Grill since I live on the “Worst  Bank “. Also many Asian, Latino, and seafood spots.

Q.  Favorite place to vacation, beach or mountains?

A.  Mountains. I have daughter in Denver–Also like Calloway Gardens in Ga.  Tennis there and high places near.

Q.  Do you have a regular group of guys you have scheduled games with? If so, when?

A.  Now 3 or 4 times a week; at least half at City Park

Q.  Do you have a favorite book on tennis you would recommend?

A .The one that described my style as The Inventor— never sure what will come off the strings.  TENNIS YOUR WAY by Bollettieri was good in its day.

Q. Who is your all-time favorite male professional tennis player?

A. The Club player’s nightmare  – a grinder with good ground strokes & serve – Ivan Lendl

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