Bob Zimmerman


Bob Zimmerman

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Bob Zimmerman

Bob Zimmerman

Q.  Bob Zimmerman, you are one of the newest members of the club .When did you join?

A.  February or March 2011.

Q.  When you joined, how did you get the membership information?

A.   Chester and Bob M.

Q.  Do you have a regular group of guys to play tennis with?

A.  Yes.

Q.  I understand you are an author.  What is the title of your latest novel?  Briefly describe the theme for us.

A.  Fair Warning. A murder/mystery set in New Orleans.

Q.  What is your favorite all time movie?

A.  I prefer books.

Q.  Where have you lived(states, countries)?

A.   Iceland, Hawaii, California, Georgia, New York, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana.

Q.  When you have guests/family in town, were do you take them out for drinks and or dinner?

A.  Commander’s.

Q.  When did you start playing tennis? Do you remember the brand name of your first racquet?

A.  1776. Kramer.

Q.  What is your educational background?  Profession?

A.   Finished coursework toward PhD. Writer.

Q.  On Tennis Channel, they have a segment called SHOW ME YOUR BAG in which the player shows all the contents of his/her tennis bag. So, Bob, we have TELL ME WHAT IS IN YOUR BAG?

A.  Wrist and headbands, rosin, orange/grapefruit juice, and an occasional bottle of wine.

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