Billy Crawford



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Q.  How long have you been a member of the CPTC?

Billy Crawford

Billy Crawford

A.  Since January of 2009

Q.  When you joined the club, how did you get the membership information?

A.  George Duerson, a member, informed me

Q.  Do you have a regular group you play games with?

A.  Yes.  Monday morning at 7:30 with Bob Besse, Anthony Viloria, and Ernie Will.  Tuesday at 3:00 pm with Bob Mildenberger, Joe Ramon, and Bob Zimmerman.
Friday morning with Philip Gattuso, Ed Richeson, and Bob Besse

Q.  When did you begin playing tennis?

A.  I was a junior in high school.  My girlfriend’s father was an excellent tennis player.  So, I was able to get good instruction and make friends with my girl’s family.

Q.  What was your first racquet?

A.  a TAD

Q.   What is your impression of the new City Park Pepsi Tennis Center?

A.  Outstanding facility!  It is beautiful, has well-maintained courts, and a club house with two porches, providing a place for members to enjoy visiting.

Q.  Favorite all-time movie?

A.  Shawshack Redemption

Q.  When you have family/friends in town, where do you take them out to eat?

A.  Franky and Johnny’s, and Taqueria Corona

Q.  What is your profession?

A.  Retired Educator

Q.  What is your favorite musical group?

A.  The Beatles

Q.  Do you take lessons from a teaching Pro?

A.  Yes. Chris Barbe

Q.  Place of worship?

A.  Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church

Q.  What racquets do now use?

A.  Wilson Triad 3.0 and 5.0

Q.  Favorite place to vacation, beach or mountains?

A.  beach

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