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AL Reagle

AL Reagle

Q.  Billy.  How long have you been a member of the CPTC?

A.  Al.  Off and on since I was 25 years of age;  but  more consistently since Katrinia.  I prefer racquetball more than tennis.

Q.  What year did you volunteer to develop and maintain the CPTC website?

A.  After I joined the club I made the mistake of making some comments about the Club’s website which was very limited at the time and was rarely updated.  Richard Sassert was managing it and he told me to “put my money where my mouth was”; so I offered to take over the job since I was already doing one for Elmwood Racquetball and had extra space available.  I was already paying for it so it would not cost the Club anything but the domain registration fee.

Q.  Do you have a regular group you play doubles with/what are their names?

A.  8-10 am Monday—Irving Goldstein, Roy Thomas, Ed Richeson
8-10 am Tuesday—Irving, Roy and Bruce Bramen
8-10 am Friday—Irving, Roy and Alan Brock
Tom Church is the substitute when he is in town

Q.  What is your impression of the new City park/Pepsi Tennis Center?

A.  I think they did a wonderful job with the resources they had.  A few more drinking fountains would be nice.  A ramp on the back of the clubhouse would be nice—which I understand they are planning to install.

Q.  What is your profession?

A.  Semi-retired amusement operator (since Katrinia), volunteer employee at Elmwood Fitness Center (manager of the racquetball leagues.)

Q.  Favorite all-time movie?

A.  Dirty Harry series

Q.  Place of Worship?

A.  St. Dominic Church and /or St. Louis of France

Q.  Who is the most “colorfully- dressed” player in the Club?

A.  Irving Goldstein “hands down!”

Q.  Tennis Channel has BAG CHECK.  So Al, what is in your bag?

A.  Head racquet (non-regulation), Nike –hat, wrist- band, and shoes—ibuprofen, and Aleve (for my knees until they develop a better knee replacement technology), mini-fan, hand towel, plastic bag for my phone and keys during questionable weather, and 3-quart drink container.

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