INTERVIEW WITH E. F. “BUDDY” BROUSSARD, JR.


JUNE 1, 2011                                                                                      by Billy E. Crawford

Q.  Billy.  How many years have you been a CPTC member?

A.  Buddy.  54 years, since 1957.

Q.  When you joined, how did you receive the membership information?

A.  From then current members but more particular Peter Rhiel.

Q.  What is your impression of the new City Park /Pepsi Tennis Center?

A.  First Class. I had no idea it was to be like it is, although I was the chairman of the Tennis Committee of the City Park Improvement Association for eight years.

Q.  What is your educational background?

A.  Four years at Jesuit High School; a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1951 and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting in 1952—both from Loyola University of New Orleans.

Q.  What is your profession?

A.  Certified Public Accountant with Murphy, Whalen, and Broussard, L.L.C.

Q.  What is the greatest tennis match you ever saw in person?

A.  Stefan Edberg vs. Boris Becker at Wimbledon in 1993

Q.  Do you have a regular group of guys you play matches with?  If so, what are their names and what day/time are the matches?

A.  Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 4pm:  John Connelly, Al LaPointe, Efrain Reisin, and Anthony Viloria.  On Saturday and Sunday at 8am; George Fay, Del Delgado, Frank D’Antoni, Al LaPointe, Tom Church, Charles Cohen, Ernie Will.

Q.  When family/guests are in town, where do you take them out to eat?

A.  Steak Knife, Bon Ton, Chris Steak House, Mandina’s

Q.  Religious affiliation?

A.  Roman Catholic

Q.  Who is your all-time favorite professional tennis player?

A.  Male is Pete Sampras and female is Chris Evert.

Q.  What do you like best about our Club?

A.  Sportsmanship,  competitiveness, and yet friendly.

Q.  As of this date how many members are in our Club?

A.  117 members

Q.  Do you watch the Tennis Channel?

A.  Only for major tournaments:  French Open, Wimbledon, U.S. Open, and Australian Open

Q.  Who is your favorite singer/musical group?

A.  Reba McIntire and Cajun Music

Q.  Have you participated in any CPTC –sponsored tournaments?

A.  Yes, many—Was “B” doubles club champion with my partner, Charles Turner, in 1989.  Through the years I participated in many USTA sponsored tournaments, both locally and in the Southern District.  At one point I was ranked 13th in the State of Louisiana in the men’s 35 singles.  Through the various brackets from the ages of 35’s to the 70’s my partner, Charles Turner, and I consistently ranked in the top five men’s doubles in the State and one year ranked 14th in men’s doubles in the Southern District!!!

Q.  Tennis Channel has a segment called BAG CHECK, in which the player shows the contents of his/her bag. So, what is in your bag?

A.  2 tennis racquets, 2 cans of tennis balls, 1 sweat band, a CPTC membership rooster, band-aid, 20-50 cents and “Friends of the Court.”(rules of tennis).

Q.  Buddy, you are the Club Secretary/Historian.  Please share with us the history of our club and mention our Club Leaders.

A.  Sure, I would be glad to:

Tennis has grown in City Park from a curious “attraction” in 1901 to a major enterprise.  In 1922 the Park provided the public with seventeen courts- which had proven not to be sufficient for those who wanted to “play.”

The Park took an important step to booster tennis in the late twenties by encouraging the formation of the first club in 1928.  Thirteen tennis enthusiasts organized the City Park Tennis Club on March 9, 1928, and elected as officers:  Tennis Pro William Macassin, Frank R. Wood, Claude Viglia and Charles McCutcheon.  By 1931 a charter membership of twenty-four increased to sixty.

Sometimes in the thirties the Club made an offer to the Park to guarantee the amount of $1,000.00 for the annual rental of six courts plus rental for three additional courts if the City Park Board would build more courts.  The Board agreed to the offer and the nine courts were built at the cost of $9,000.00, six being assigned to the Tennis Club.

Today the City Park/Pepsi Tennis Center, officially opened March 24, 2011, is the largest tennis facility in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area with a 3700 sq. ft. Club House, 16 hard courts and 10 clay courts.

Following is a list of the Past Presidents of the CPTC.

1928  Bill Macassin

1929  Frank Wood

1930  Frank Foster

NOTE:  The following members served as President of the Club sometime between 1931-1945.  Due to missing records it is unknown as to the exact year of their administration.

Elliot Harold, Lloyd Landry, Emile Prager, Allan Smuck, B.H. Wasson, Buddy Watts.

1946  Sterling Loubat                                   1979  Steve Phillpott

1947  Al Pendergrass                                    1980  Ed Prinz

1948  Julian Myers                                         1981  Walter Baum

1949  Walter Smith                                        1982  Al LaPointe

1950  Larry Choppin                                      1983  Tom Hoffa

1951  Nolan Thibodeaux                               1984  John Kalbacker

1952  Bill Judice                                               1985  Fred Derrington

1953  Bill Macassin                                         1986  Monte Leath

1954  Sidney Kuhn                                          1987  Butler Powell

1955  Paul Gossman                                        1988  Stan Abele

1956  Vincent DiStefano                                 1989  Warren Lemonier

1957  Earl Kissinger                                        1990  Bob Funck

1958  Larry Fuller                                            1991  Frank Crothers

1959  Wilmer Rhode                                        1992  Amos Fogleman

1960  Francis Perret                                        1993  Ed Richeson

1961  Maurice Indest                                       1994  Stanley Gibbs

1962  Emmett Russell                                      1995  Terry Fuchs

1963  Joseph Korson                                         1996  Jim Romig

1964  Roy Bartlett                                              1997 Kelly Lightfoot

1965  I.M. Delgado                                             1998  Charles Graf

1966  W.P. Riehl                                                  1999  Bob Duckworth

1967  Roy Lands                                                  2000  Bernard Aranstam

1968  Joe Martin                                                  2001  Richard Sasser

1969  Dick Rosenkranz                                      2002  George Gilhers

1970  Ernest Pinholster                                     2003 Gerald Davis

1971  Jimmy Galendez                                        2004  Sandy Conroy

1972  Jack Fox                                                       2005  Henry Artigue

1973  Buddy Broussard                                      2006  Bob Lawyer

1974  Alan Bartlett                                               2007  Bill Williamson

1975  Joe Perdomo                                                2008  Mitch Gibbs

1976  Cliff Schmidt                                               2009  Wayne Wooley

1977  Charles Turner                                           2010  Larry Gilbert

1978  Buddy Hancock                                          2011  Bob Mildenberger

2012 Ernie Will

2013 Rodger Wheaton

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